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    3. i think sasuke is going to be hokage because once he declared his wish if it’s not made possible in some way he will be an uchiha who is not trusted and who is not given the deserved chance. i am aware he is not in the best place to gain people’s trust considering he said himself he didn’t care what people were thinking but what’s the point if it’s same story as madara’s.

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      my favorite naruto fight sequence is the first two minutes of sasuke/killer b fight where b beats sasuke’s arrogant ass


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      I’m not joking when I say I spend almost every day wondering how the hell the numbers/anything in Naruto work out. I spend every single. day. wondering how there are so many fucking higher level ninjas when the tests are apparently so hard and people keep failing. Who the hell else was in Neji, Tenten, and Lee’s genin team class? Are they truly the only three from their graduating class year to have a shot moving up to chunin in Konoha? How did Naruto fail the exam so many times and is still the same age as Sasuke and Sakura and is still on their genin team . Is there a rotating number of final exams every year that everyone has the chance to take? Like the SAT? How did Sasuke not pass sooner in that case. How did LEE pass. How was Kakashi on a team with Obito and Rin if he graduated like youngest person ever~*~*~. How old was Hashirama when Tsunade was born to have been alive to teach her gambling. Is Konoha only like 70 years old in this case? Like if Hashirama was 20 odd when Konoha was founded and like 50 odd when Tsunade was born… and Tsunade is like 50 years old… that’s like what, 80 years? I still get fucked up working out the ages of Jiraiya when he taught the Ame kids vs. Jiraiya when he taught Minato. Like I know it works out but the numbers are SO WEIRD AND CRAMMED this is a chronology with n o r o o m for error. How many secret Giant Animal Summons Mountains are there in this world. Why is Kisame a shark. Child soldiers? Who took care of Naruto when he was a diaper using infant unable to lift his neck on his own. Giant turtle island? Why do animal summons deign to work for these messed up volatile trash ninjas. Who is Ino’s mother. I wouldn’t be as mad about how absurd the details of these worlds are if the comic just fucking embraced the fact it’s absurd. Like One Piece is absurd. I don’t even want to pick apart the world building there. I don’t really NEED to though it kind of is like implicit in the comic, you take a breath and accept the weird things about to occur. Naruto keeps bringing up rules to explain things and like halfway through gets distracted and is like anyway here’s a new rasengan I hate this goddamn series when’s the next chapter out I need my fix man

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      The Red Lotus first and last appearances.

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i’m so hurt by the finale


      i’m so hurt by the finale

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oh my gooooooosh
    10. my favorite naruto fight sequence is the first two minutes of sasuke/killer b fight where b beats sasuke’s arrogant ass

    11. i’m behind of everything travelling between my hometown and current town trying to organize home stuff and school stuff what did sasuke do?

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    13. i couldn’t find time to talk about book 3 yet now book 4 is coming we will have korra only until new year at most unless they put whole book 4 online at once

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