sasuke is going to look ridiculous in anime. i like red and purple together but not sharingan and rinnegan. and definitely not on sasuke.

now i’m afraid he never is going to overcome his purple rope phase. he’ll think it’s stylish and his new eye suits with that gross thing.

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well ok does this mean indra reincarnated in sasuke? because i don’t know about indra but sasuke is fucking hardworking. he’s called genius yeah because he’s an uchiha and has sharingan but also he’s the only uchiha in konoha which i think makes him the one has unique abilities and raises the expectation from him. people talk about him .i’m sure he was called genius before he showed any sign of it. we know if his clan was alive, if there were many like him he would be nowhere near being called genius and fugaku made it very clear.

he wasn’t misleaded by power. he was manipulated into believing he was weak and he need power to survive. 

and it’s not like naruto had nothing in him at the beginning.

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neji was right. IT IS FATE.

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i can’t believe might dai’s chuunin/jounin level peers beat 5-year-ol-kid up because he comforts them about something they’re being immature. konoha adults…

"i’m already five years old and i can’t even run 500 time around school" SHUT UP you are a baby

guy’s father is eternal genin HE DIED AS GENIN i can’t believe “you’re a genin why are you here” jkahdjkshkjsad

flashbacks yeah that’s how you know kishimoto is going to kill someone

konoha people are assholes

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from babysitting to assassination…ok

that rule hiruzen made was so stupid like you can’t talk about the fact kyuubi is sealed in naruto because children shoudn’t know the truth but you can shit on a 12-year-old child to the point your children hate him even they don’t know anything. 

it is obviously not going for him. everybody hates him.

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"From now on, I, too, shall bet my life."

Jiraiya or Tsunade | asked by anonymous

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Yo, the Korra Book 1 Poster is complete. Little alterations in the end can always have a great effect on the final image.

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